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A Place for Moderates is a resource website for people who care about Israel/Palestine and who struggle to remain open-minded and compassionate in the face of conflicting viewpoints.

What is meant by "moderate?"  

 For purposes of this website, "moderate" describes an attitude rather than a particular viewpoint or agenda. For example, it means:  always feeling you have more to learn; being open to new insights and information; being respectful of others' opinions (no labelling, name-calling or personal attacks);  avoiding one-sided, simplistic, black-and-white judgments; and avoiding generalizations about large groups such as "the Palestinians" or "the Israelis."  When moderates support or get involved in activism, it's likely to be of the non-violent sort, and to be related in some way to human/civil rights and peaceful coexistence rather than one group dominating or evicting the other group. To read more about this website's idea of "moderate" in relation to Israel/Palestine, click on Is This YOU?

  Being moderate isn't easy. We may be seen as naive, unrealistic and wishy-washy. When we do express our thoughts and misgivings, our friends and relatives with stronger opinions (both "right" and "left") may be upset with us, and they will probably jump to all kinds of unfounded conclusions about what we believe, where we get our information, and "whose side we're on." We may feel isolated and voiceless, even though there are plenty of us around. This website has been created in the hope that by finding strength in numbers and becoming more informed, we can find more effective ways to support those in Israel/Palestine who are engaged in constructive efforts to bring about a better future for all the peoples in the region. 

 You are invited to:   

  • share your own experiences and thoughts in the form of letters to the Mailroom 
  •  recommend books and films 
  • provide links to websites, articles, editorials and news items that you have found useful
  • submit announcements of relevant events, petitions, letter-writing campaigns, radio or TV programs, etc.

Links and materials published on this site will reflect a diversity of viewpoints within the very broad definition of "moderate" as described above. The website owner does not necessarily agree with or endorse everything that appears here or everything in the books, websites etc. introduced on the resource pages.

Messages from people living in Israel/Palestine who relate to the spirit of this website are very welcome. 

There are some instructions and guidelines for submissions. You can also request email notification of new content.

This website is not affiliated with any group or organization. The website may publish notices of events, online petitions, letter-writing campaigns, etc. for individuals to participate in as they choose. 

This is not an open blog or a "social networking" site. Submissions to the website will be screened for suitability. Appropriate items will then be published on the relevant pages of the website.